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74LS192 and RF remote control operated one digit up down counter

This is a simple up and down counter that can be operated using a four-channel RF remote. The 74LS192/CD40192 counter chip is used in this gadget. The 74LS192/CD40192 chip is triggered by a NE555 (in monostable mode). The 4511 chip controls a seven-segment display.

Make a seven segment display using 5mm LEDs

This COMMON CATHODE seven-segment display is made up of 29 pieces of 5mm LEDs. There is also a driver for this display. This is an excellent exercise for students interested in understanding how a seven-segment display and its driver work. CD4026 is used in the display driver, which has previously been used in our up counter modules.

Popular Android Apps for the Arduino based 12CH Bluetooth Module

Another kit for exploring with Arduino and Android is the 12 channel Bluetooth module for Arduino-Android connection.

This little module might be quite useful for individuals learning and experimenting with applications created using the MIT Media Labs Apps Inventor. 

3 digits digital objects counter using SMD and through hole components

This is a 3-digit digital object counter kit for electronics novices and amateurs. This counter may be used to count things or people as they enter a room. Engineers may learn about digital counters using this device. This digital object counter features three seven-segment displays that display numbers from 000 to 999 and is equipped […]

Squiduino DIY Kit- Make your own RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT

Squid Game, which you may have seen on Netflix, is a fictitious competition in which players compete in children’s games for a high cash reward, with losers being removed in an unpleasant manner. After watching it, I’d call it as violent and odd, yet intriguing and appropriate only for older audiences.

CLOCKIT- Arduino based digital clock kit for beginners

This is an excellent kit for learning the fundamentals of soldering. The Sparkfun Clock is a fun way to keep track of time. It’s a simple alarm clock with a buzzer that’s built on the ever-popular ATMega328 microcontroller. This kit should take you 15-20 minutes to complete if you’re new to soldering. This is a […]

10 variables affecting DIY FM transmitter range

For electronics novices and amateurs, we supply a variety of FM transmitters. Some are designed for short-range transmission and others for long-range transmission. Customers occasionally claim that they did not receive the specified quality or transmission range. In this post, I’ll go over ten parameters that have an impact on the transmission range and sound […]

How to build your own Arduino UNO using DIY Arduino kit

You’re probably aware that Arduino hardware comes in a variety of configurations. Arduinos have also been manufactured on strip boards, offering them a variety of aesthetics. Here’s another Arduino, this time in the form of a basic do-it-yourself (DIY) kit. It works in the same way as any other Arduino UNO board. However, because it […]