A digital dice using 74LS90 , 74LS47 and seven segment display


This is a unique digital dice game. We’ve seen electronic dice with seven LEDs before. We’re using a seven-segment display instead of LEDs in this project.

The numbers climb from 0 to 9 when you push the tactile switch, and when you release it, it stops at a random number. You may use the two jumpers to show numbers from 0 to any number, such as 0 to 1, 0 to 5, 0 to 8, or 0 to 9.

The NE555 setup in astable mode is in control of increasing the numbers. The photoresistor controls the NE555’s output frequency. When you stop the light from falling on the photoresistor, its resistance increases, and the frequency of NE555 lowers; however, when you illuminate the photoresistor with a white LED, its resistance decreases, and the frequency of NE555 increases.The speed with which numbers are shown increases as the frequency increases.

A micro USB cable is used to power the kit. For electronics beginners, it might be a fun project. The kit can be built with basic soldering skills, and the silkscreen markings on the PCB should assist you through the soldering process.

Checkout the video below:

The schematic of the kit is given below:


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