Posting videos and short description on kitstv.com.

1. Go to https://buildcircuits.com/pages/scoreduino-dmd-outputs  and start from Output 5: Basic scoreboard with timer and characters  to Output 27: Single color six displays football scoreboard with timer and HOME & AWAY titles and post videos on kitstv.com as shown below.

Step 1: Copy the output title from the page https://buildcircuits.com/pages/scoreduino-dmd-outputs and paste on the video title.

Step 2: Open the link of the video and copy embed code and paste it on the video post.

Step 3: Copy the description of the output and paste it on chatgpt and type: rewrite and elaborate. chatgpt will elaborate and write the description again. Copy the description and paste on the video post.

Step 4: Ask chatgpt to suggest tags separated with comma and paste that tags into Tags section of the video post.

Step 5: Either download the image of the output or take a screenshot and set it as featured image.

Step 6: Select the right category of the video. If you don’t know the category, just select any.

2. Post these videos as video post on kitstv.com from the following channel:

Video will be uploaded here.


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